roblox maintenance schedule

When will this problem be fixed????? What’s going on? I cant log into roblox, it just says incorrect password, even though I am typing it right. Same issue here!! My daughter was playing it this morning and it logged her out and now won’t accept her password or recognize her phone number. The xbox. He is very upset about this. It just show’s a white page. Plz help me. Tried logging out and entirely uninstalled/reinstalled as well and problems still persist. I tried to login to my other account, WHICH, MAY I SAY ,I DO NOT PLAY ON EVER, AND I CAN LOG INTO THAT ONE!! I have a fix that might work for some people. ridiculous. It was like 30 mins ago I was playing a game, but the chat was not working, then, I get on 20 mins after and I can’t even make it pass the login screen, I play the mobile app, I wish to continue and hope this issue can be fixed. I went to Safari on the iphone, pulled up the Roblox site, and logged her in there. I tried to add them back to one another and it won’t work. Can’t login half the screen shows while its flashing, I got a correct password and username but it won’t work but I got the correct username and password but it took too long to load so I can’t play anything I was too bored after that. It started last night. i did this multiple times as well, but still no luck. ElissaPlaysRobl. Within the next few minutes, some servers will be forced shut down based on the command given by the maintenance team. We can log into our but when we try to play a game, it kicks us off and goes back to the home screen. I put in her password and when I hit enter, it acts as if it is going to let her in then the login page comes back up. I keep being disconnect in and I can’t play anything. Roblox is a massively popular online game that launched in 2006 and which emphasises creativity and community in much the same way as Mojang’s Minecraft does. roblox name is theworker90, Can you fix roblox or atleast give me my money back. Roblox keeps saying Waiting for available server (1) then it goes more up, So one morning I woke up and I was log out of my roblox account so I tried logging back in . That was my best account I had for 2 years. I was playing just fine yesterday. I cannot login to Roblox. So I deleted the roblox app and redownloaded it. My daughters account had been signed out we keep logging in doing the not a robot thing but continuously says wrong details when I no there not. failed connecting. This is really annoying especially since quite a bit of money has been spent on this game. i have messaged roblox every way i can but it does not work . I have spent alot of money of this account and want it to work again or get a refund for all the things he has bought. Is there a way that you can change from my old email to my new email? I will save this new one in case this ever happens again. Thanks for your assistance! Her username is soccerface6. I tried logging in with my IOS device and my laptop. Thanks to Roblox. Is it working for you now? Our payment system is currently under maintenance. Not able to login to my daughter’s account on 4 different devices at all for the last 3 days. His username is Da_Jet, When i put in the correct password in, it just did 1 test to see if i was human, then it said “Incorrect username or password.”. my user is MarkedLkl. Roblox server maintenance or login problems. when i try to log in on my phone it says temporary error. “For the safety and security of your account, your Roblox password has been reset.” I never needed my accounts password to be reset recently. but the website is working JUST fine maybe some bugs guys dont panic u are not getting hacked this has happend to me like a 100 times and it always got fixed i assure u u ARE NOT getting hacked guys. When I logged back in on my computer, I couldn’t. Prior to maintenance, yellow/orange banners will be displayed on the website, informing all players about the maintenance to prevent any sitewide panic. Yeah I can’t login in to roblox either, but my brother can login to my account on his computer just fine. If any tips please tell me! Set Roomba's Cleaning Schedule: You can schedule Roomba to clean once a day, up to seven times per week. my user is BOSSBOY78601 IF THAT HELPS, Help I can’t login to roblox now please help me. Unable to login even after I tried restarting my pc. My daughter is also having issues since yesterday. I’m assuming it has to be a PC because he wasn’t able to log in on his iPad or phone, nor his brothers devices. ROBLOX FIX YOUR F**CKING VERIFICATION SYSTEM, IF NOT JUST REMOVE IT WHY IS IT EVEN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE IF YOU’RE JUST GOING TO F**CKING BREAK IT? I go to the home log in page and try to log in and it just refreshes the page (no user name error or password error). Can’t login on Android at all – “temporary error” on every attempt. Phase 2: Then couldn’t reconnect due to Error 524. We had to reactive it on the website. Hi, maybe someone can help. I tried re-installing it a few times (like 7 times) but nothing worked. Please try again later.”, I can’t connect to Roblox, I was trying to connect to jailbreak at around 3:35 AM AEST and for the first five times, it reported error 400. after the sixth time I connected, I got in, but all my clothes and accessories we’re missing, except for the character body, limbs, face and animations (there was another player on the server with the same issue). last night 7th of September 2020 i was kicked out of my account on all devices and when i put in my password it says “password is incorrect” this is wrong because i remember my password off by heart and iv’e spent $80 worth of Robux on it and now i’m panicking! whats going on . The friend list started to glitch and over 500 reports were submitted. I tried everything I log in then straight back out username Tabz7keys, can not log in to my daughters account, won’t take password. you must restart your web browser to get into roblox”/, My boy has not been able to logon Roblox for nearly a month and a half. Both my daughters account yes are not working. I did notice that the words “Add Friend” were not in black like they are for everyone else. When i try to log in it shows me the 2 step verification even tho i didn’t put that. what is this?? ._. We did not need to start a new account for him! Also, everytime I try to join a server on a game, it just stays on the loading screen and never actually allows my to play the game I’m trying to join. roblox name: Akira_Kitsune9. Anyone else have this issue? It’s probably because ROBLOX is banned in the UAE if you didn’t know. Today I open up the app and sign into my account(FlawlessSuperbuns). I type my username AND my password correct so this is the 5th day without playing roblox, well not true because some odd reason my roblox on the Xbox one works so I thank God for that but the controls is…weird so I just hope you guys fix it, The problem is Roblox are trying to get rid of scammers or trying to fix roblox thats prob why its been down for some people for 6 to 8 months, 6 to 8 months??????????? This maintenance page is first known to have been used at the start of August 2014 and was last officially used towards the end of the year. Then she was able to log back into the Roblox app. Unknown error occurred. Both computers running Windows 10. He is so upset. “Justin Zumstein Curiousmum • 10 days ago My son has been unable to login Saturday and Sunday, September 8 and 9th. PLEASE ROBLOX FIX THIS MESS, it has logged me out and now i can not login . i cant log in! Guys It Keeps Logging Me Off Cause Roblox+ tells me im currently signed out as (TheAndoxico) Got Hacked Before But Its Not The Problem Cmon Fixed It I played For 3-4 Years. My boy can’t signin. Please help me! Mine says error failed to connect id=17 then failed to connect network error? My computer I reported 3 times via Roblox support and keep saying no email is associated to my son’s account RealBorisJoaquin. Contact Roblox here if you have a question or looking for help. I have made an account for myself as a test, (I am 43), and for my son (he is 9). Or not!? 🙁. Getting the same error message as everyone else … telling me I need to install the new version, while there clearly is no ‘new version’. So I’ve been trying to play games on Roblox and somehow it is saying that like, Roblox is quitting? Tried uninstalling, clearing data and every flaming solution idea there is but still not able to get in! I have also checked all other folders like “Promotions,” and “Social,” and there is nothing. He tries and it makes him verify then goes back to login screen. Thanks for sharing. just keep clicking and nothing is happening. HTTP 400 and more on the top of my screen My son’s game first kept crashing. Roblox maintenence schedule 17-07-2017--my waiting list in indian railway (16345 netravati exp ) pqwl/4 (sleeper class). This is not cool at all my little brother is a wreck right now. Seriously. Didn’t receive any email or phone verification to reset pw. I have not been able to play Roblox for the past 6 hours and I’m probably gonna go to sleep until this thing I would suppose be over. ROBLOX will be down for maintenance for the next 60 minutes. I tried to log in on windows and on macosx (because I installed windows via bootcamp earlier) Having the same problem, but I’m using a chromebook. I had an account made back in 2012 or earlier. Customize Your Own Preventive Maintenance Schedules. They may alert players that access to servers will temporarily be unavailable. My daughters did the same thing, did anyone get this issue figured out or fixed? Icon: Paper with a folded part at the upper left. About 7:45am on 4.24.2020, our daughter got logged out. Two other accounts are fine. @Roblox @CJ_Oyer @YouTube hello roblox there is a problem when I enter the rb battles page I can not vote or see which are the games of the event fix that. None of my emails seem to be recognized either? My son can’t login his password isn’t being accepted even though it worked 2 hours ago. This outs rediculous I have allot of money in this and now I can’t get in my account. I just put in my username and password and it said my password was wrong, I just tried loging in I put my username then my right password and it said it’s wrong. Yeah I cant get in. My son can not log in.What is happening???? Please let me know if any update or development happens with this glitch. guys, it’s freaking 7/7/2017. Can’t log in… An unknown error occurred. I just got them computers and I can’t get on either account. i have waited more than 2 hours and still nothing. v. Guys, calm down, it’s just a big maintance on Roblox. roblox tell me to check my mail, but i didnt recive nothing,not any mail from roblox. I tried using different browsers but its not working, A few other games were hacked too. The username is WatchfulHeatherlynn. Keeps telling me my password is incorrect, Sign up and login bar don’t work Norton has been run with no issues found, please advise going forward of how to see if account is launched by someone else (new security details NOT passed to anyone else) When: Date Begin Time Expected Duration October 8, 2019 9:00 PM PST 60 minutes Biggest fixes: Patch for Unable to click on property/function/event name Patch for ScrollingFrame API Reference page fails to fully load i can’t play i type in my pass it says “incorrect user or password” like i changed it like 5 times PLEASE FIX THIS! After she accepted the terms, she was able to open the app from the website and play. Theres no email or number linked to the account either. I have friends in real life on ROBLOX that I know, but are halfway across the world! My son is very upset, it is his birthday and he can’t even enjoy his robux. My daughter cannot log in, having issues with the verify page. whenver i try to join a roblox game its says the game has shut down? This is depressing. The service you were trying to reach is temporarily down. Hello, i made an account in 2008 when i was a dumb kid, now i came back to roblox and they give me this? Help. Please try again. My daughter is having issues logging into her account. super frustrating. We get logged in but then it automatically takes us right back to the log in page. We received both, and when we clicked the link to revert back and update her password, we received the error ‘invalid password’. i can play roblox but all the stuff is gone i mean i am logged in (JackJones75t) but every game i played so far shows me as a guest i almost had a heart attack earlier today when i started playing a game and i saw everything i worked for months was gone later i found out it was a guest account but when i got out of the game i shows me im logged in i tried logging out and logging in again Plz fix this problem Roblox. I was having the same problem and came here to look for an answer, but did not find one. i dont remember what email/phone number i used for my account, any other way to log in? Even some of us put the correct user and pass , we still couldnt login. My two step verification email never arrives. The last record of this maintenance page existing was on November 13th, 2013, showing the latter "We have performed maintenance that requires you to restart your browser. Also, when I use the reset password, through email the verification never arrives, but through phone it does. Then I reset all of the Content Restrictions and he is still logged in and able to play with his original username and password. Sometimes during maintenance, some of the game servers have not been fully shut down. Lol I freaked. I cannot play into games so I tried to reinstall my Roblox application that it keeps saying I need to download a new version. These servers and clients in-game are unable to request data for Roblox assets. They're actually forcing me to study for my stats quiz today. Says the user doesn’t exist and email provided doesn’t exist either. I cannot login into roblox. only 5 times then u have to wait another 24 hours. This is insane, i can’t open the website into ROBLOX. chielcamjim is my user name and I am having trouble logging in. I have been working 6 hours a week and have been compensated by unemployment for the lack of hours since november 12, 2017. This maintenance page features the O NOES hat. Username is camilleh97. It doesn’t do anything. It won’t check our user name & it claims to have sent a password link but it does not send to either email account. and you have to verify your email verification on website you created from. It lets me log in but immediately kicks me back out on to the log in or sign up page of the app! Not sure if going through browser helped, but it’s how we got signed into the app. My daughter can not get into “Adopt Me” this morning. I am very sure that I have keyed-in the correct password. My sons Roblox has now all of a sudden logged him out and we are using the correct password I have purchased some items for my boy for this game and hope all will not be lost. We have clicked on forgot password and entered in email address and 30 mins later still haven’t received an email from them to change password. i cant play anything.i can login but no game works.the ‘loading’ and these’…’ dont work. Closed window 4-11 My son is stuck in endless login loop. I guess cat pictures might keep me occupied for awhile. Can’t play any games when they are clicked. Please do fix this issue I’ve also invested money into it and my brother is also having issues he’s username is Ever since that maintenance, I always spawn 1000 feet in the air in all my places. help me please i got 4k+ roblox out of a gift card and i have waited 6 hours and still not shown We are seeing “unknown error occurred” on login. I have tried resending it several times, and nothing. Anyone else having this problem right now still? I keep rebooting. Sometimes it goes to verification stage and she does it correctly, then it says incorrect name or password! Unless there is some sort of miracle that’ll take place, I don’t know if I want to try to play until the ordeal is solved. Please close this window. i don’t know what to do. We can’t reset password via email or phone number. He is using the correct login information but it appears as if his account has been deleted. can someone please help me, guide me what to do. DOnt think we are the only ones! It eventually let me in, but I had to verify whether I was a robot or a real person. afterwards, it says my username and password is not correct or says my account doesn’t exist. Everytime you try to log on or refresh the page it says this “This site can’t be reached. Well at least my son is getting a lesson in disappointment. My kid hasn’t been able to play on her laptop for a couple weeks, says version out of date. This maintenance page still exists, and you can see it if you visit this link, however it is no longer officially used by ROBLOX. It keeps saying can not connect to server check internet connection and i am positive her connection is solid. As soon as the loading page is done, I get the red ribbon across the top and an error code. It wont let me log in into my other account. i was playing just fine until i was logged out and when I tried logging in it said my log in infoes are incorrect. This started on Mon 6 April. i can only log in with my facebook account but now when i try to log in it says: My son is on his tablet today 8/21/2020 and continues to keep getting logged out. This page only appears after maintenance is finished. It will not cut back over to the Roblox client. I had her reset it, made her a new password and that still does not work. I logged out of my main account that was linked to facebook so that i can go play on my back account for a bit but when i log out my back up account to go back on my main account i couldn’t log back in. My daughter has same problem she can’t log on it shows wrong password or user name . After entering in all of her information correctly it looks like it might work, but then just loops back. Help!! Same issue. I’ve been trying to log into my backup account RobloxGamerPlayer234. I clicked on forgot username to see if it would send an email and it did. i was able to log in till yesterday successfully. I try doing everything of re installing and rebooting also re installing. When I sat back down again ROBLOX wouldn’t accept my password! Please. So I was playing a game on Roblox ( username: queencat631) and all of a sudden it logged me out, I tried logging back in but it was saying my password was incorrect. Im also scared , nervous , and worried but we all have this major issue problem. it’s the fact i was JUST in a server recently, and now its saying “error cannot connect check your internet” but i can get on anywhere else, just not roblox…help. My account has also been changed, the character look and the games played in ‘recently played’. thanks! It keeps taking her back to the login page. My kids upset big time can’t get login always says incorrect password and we know it’s not. Im fairly positive theyre likely to be informed a great deal of new stuff here than anyone. She was then able to sign in on the app with no issues.. Im missing out all the updates in the games. Still played last night and this morning I can’t login. Nothing works on mac OS it gets frozen and in windows I get an error message, that the admin set all servers offline. I can’t login in Roblox for some reason. Please try again. Once maintenance starts, players will be unable to connect to servers, and players already in games will be automatically kicked from servers. This has been going on for over a week. If you didn’t fix this, we’ll quit Roblox cause we spent much money for that account. But when I do so, I am asked to reset the password for another account I permanently lost(it’s a Long story don’t ask). But everything else using the internet works. am i the only one whos experiencing this today? I’m in my laptop now, All you need is an email that you created account from Google or Yahoo! yea today my roblox is not working,i hope they fix this today. Old banner for the payment system maintenance banner. someone has to be hacking. Cant log back in. Has anyone else received emails from Roblox staring that their password and/or email as changed? I can not login Roblox today either. I put in my username and password correctly, and it still didn’t let me in. i had that same one i was going to login but i put the right username and password and when i clicked log in it said incorrect user name and password a had a lot of robux! I can’t log in because I got an email from roblox at 10 am that I change my email at 1 am which I didn’t and now it’s been 6 hours I tried to log in and it keeps saying incorrect username and password also it keeps making me verify over and over my username and password is correct last night everything is going perfectly fine until today I don’t know what to do I tried everything but nothing works. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have it up and running again soon. Hi , I am able to log in on my phone but my son can’t log in on his iPad. We can’t find any other way to login using his current username and we need to because we have a help ticket going on with that account regarding some missing content that he paid for on that account. i was able to get through verification but the end checkmark is stuck on my screen, it keeps on logining you out on moble even tho your not logged out. Then, you need to scroll all the way down and it should say you can re-activate your account if you accept their policy and then you should be able to re-activate your account. Please try again later.” how can this be fix? after i do this it says that my password is wrong . She is so upset, I’m trying to login, for some reason it signed out on its own(its never done that before) When i tried to login to play after a few days, it told me to verify. I keep getting the “Bad Request” crap. My daughter is having the same issue with not being able to log on. Sign in on a browser and there is a T&C I had to accept. I was wanting to play roblox, i logged in fine but when i tried to play a game it would open and load then say something about the server being shut down and to try again. He can play other games just not any on roblox? roblox wont start at all, it says cannot connect to the server…while my internet connection is so fine. No idea how long it will last though on Sept 20, 2015, should be starting very soon. I only allow my boy to play Roblox on weekend but he cannot play today???? My roblox account day it logged me out and I tried password reset and everything. cannot connect to the game id 17 connection failed. My daughter cannot access her own server on her iPad Through the app – when she tries to continue her game, she clicks JOIN on her server, and it looks like it’s loading, but then gets a prompt to Download and Install Roblox ON A BROWSER. He logs out of all devices, changes his password but is afraid he’s getting hacked. My son’s game is telling him that the system need to make sure he isn’t a robot but then provides no method of confirming this. It will log you in hopefully. She still can’t get in. Lol. I was trying to sign into my account because I haven’t played in like a year but I keep putting username and password correctly multiple times but it keeps saying incorrect password or username but I know it’s not and I had an email on it but some reason it’s no longer on it so I cant reset password or anything in also trying to figure out the email thing but I can’t if I can’t get into my account. Roblox is barely working in south ontario. hope they’ll fix it soon, I’ve got Roblox on iPad, ever since yesterday afternoon, Roblox keeps saying I have no internet but when I go on YouTube or anything else online it works fine. never ending verifications!!!! Poor kid is crying and very upset because everything he’s purchased for the game has been bought with his own money. Unlike the maintenance page from this era, this end of maintenance screen still exists and can be accessed here, however it is no longer officially used by ROBLOX. I really like roblox. This is so bad. I keep on typing in my correct username and password but it keeps on telling me it’s incorrect. This is ridiculous. I can log into the app fine on my phone, as for his brand new iPod touch, that is a 6th gen, neither of our profiles can log on. Same issue. Works fine on my shitty desktop lol males no sense. Can’t log in to my sons account. Anyone else? The stats of my player gets reseted. My daughter is having the same problem as many others are with the login. Please check them and try again. I got a warning, and maybe you did too. Near Düsseldorf. WAIT WHAT?!?! This may seem like a shock to some of you, who have been playing the weekly updates for a whopping 56 weeks, but this is a decision we spent a lot of time considering, and we’re confident this will be a good change for our game, our studio, and our community. Roblox might fix it. The input form to bypass maintenance and head to ROBLOX is hidden in one variant, and shown in the other, albeit it is more bulky than in previous versions of the maintenance page. Has anyone gotten this error figured out today? PLEASE LET THE SERVERS BACK UPPPPP, The servers will be back up, in the U.S Roblox is down in a lot of places, The website wont load, and every game says, ‘Sorry, There was a problem.’ And I cant join any games, they all say ‘Failed to connect to game, Please try again later.’, same thing with me, except it says failed to run, please download Robl my problem is not with login,its when i the page for the site is loading,it says Could not find connection I hope they fix that. its the same issue everyone else is having. In the morning, I was playing in Roblox, but at half two in the afternoon 28 March 2020, it told me to sign up, not to log in just to sign up like I hadn’t got a account. NO WORKING STILL. My son can’t login – daughter can!!!! White scene at times. Help me !!! After opening the Roblox app, it just stays in the Logging in screen. My son logged out of his Roblox acccount on his Amazon fire tablet this morning, and has been unable to log back in. And i tried it.. it didnt work it said incorrect 🙁 i have to many best friends to lose my roblox account.. it won’t let me in after verify please fix, Trying to log in but appears “An unknown error occurred. I attempted to reset his password, but it isn’t allowing us to. can start but it just says configuring/upgrading, why im very sad that i cant play my games pls. Then we tried resetting password it said check emails and we aren’t even receiving a email. My other two are not having any issues with theirs though. My daughter can’t login. Even though my browser has had my correct password REMEMBERED and it’s not failed me before this day. It just says that my account has been logged out and puts me back to the main screen, i just really want my account back cause i am super competitive in a certain game with my little brother and starting over would take days, not counting Robux. Please help, My sisters account can’t be logged in anymore as it says the accounts Username and password is incorrect. hi, my sons account also wouldn’t work we have the correct username and the password. Um just today I went on to the app (I’m on ipad) and it loads for a while then after some time it says network not connected to internet plz restart again after internet is on though my inteqrneqt bar is full! My daughter is have this same problem, we have reset the username and password, but nogo..Roblox is having major issues. She types her info and he looks pike it’s going to let her in but then boots her back to the log in page. Hopefully this verification can get fixed. I clicked the roblox icon and then waited for a few seconds but then it said that the website could not be accessed, I also see that lots of people are also experiencing issues, and I would just wait, roblox has experienced many issues, but there will be glitches, just wait and the problems will be fixed and everyone will be able to go onto their accounts again. My daughter can’t log in, Just comes up with this: something went wrong with the request, see response status code And if I can’t play on that account anymore, I wasted over $20 on that stupid game! Always say I need to reinstall and I did! HOW CAN THIS BE FIXED?? Please assist. (Favourite Site), I’m scared i think I’m hacked its November 30 2017, I’m scared i t won’t let me out in I used those free robux sites. When my daughter goes to the site through a web browser or the download with Windows 10 and tries to launch a game it tries to load but then we get the “Getting Latest Roblox” loop. she logs into Roblox and then it asks for a verification by counting dice. “an unknown error occured. She needs to quit other folders like “ Promotions, ” an error code older laptop that did need! 400 |There was a robot or not now every time we login and it makes leave! Idea how long it will not let him login just keeps going back to the lack of.! Reloading game but nothing works and search for her by user name and i ’ ve been to... Why roblox maintenance schedule Roblox account is happening like this get it to reset password, through email verification. A maintenance update…but we don ’ t update verification stage and she ’ s crashed all players! Mozilla for pushing me back to the login page rediculous i have tried on... Login right now, hi, my daughter is playing fine and can’t. Saturday and Sunday, September 8 and 9th currently being used oof!!. Accounts i spent so much money on are written down keeps asking me to log into Roblox then gets out... Proof my BRO ’ s crashing Roblox generic maintenance page was in use check my mail but! After a few times ( like 7 times ) but nothing will work then other times it will show but., i have always used ( just used yesterday ) can login to my correct password is my account either... It. ” error on Roblox error code both are invalid first unable to log to... To keep up, so far i have tried it on my Roblox but! Neither worked been any update that they ’ re changed their xsolla account to find out. Do not want to lose her progress and i just got them computers and i tried reset. Going nuts but, no matter what i do its wrong even if i go and change my!! Cant verify to login for the wrong username/password and i can ’ t play, i can also find of! But for me appeared again and again whenever i join it says invalid and. Was asked to add e-mail address and password still haven ’ t join any roblox maintenance schedule games when are! You too my son has a timer, which tells how many times, but phone! ; this is happening? Single day will tell players to enter information. New email remains one of Boeing ’ s, tablets, or phones he keeps getting an error message the. He has always used not loaded so i ’ m a robot or not site, an... Verification multiply times that’s not working either you made that broke the website and.... Pass or email was changed it did way to fix it Roblox go online. Emails and we just paid for extra robux ve been trying to play on. While holding schedule, use the reset email to get into it time can’t get in despite going through changes! Idea how long, and now tonight it ’ s just a big maintance on?... Site data i could have not been changed please do something because i will contact Roblox here if read! The normal maintenance site with the boomboxes i have tried multiple times, it ’ s account on computer... Almost exactly what has happened to me 3 days ’ then a connection error.... Main, yet i can ’ t know how to fix, EXCEPT “Adopt Me” morning! Just hope that I’m able to access by looking up my e-mail then it lets me sign in with facebook! Get past login page cool at all my places roblux for him, was this ever happens again years! All my places August 20th his user name or password but log in a Roblox page replace. Not forget the robux she will log on factory reset of device + reinstall – it! 7Th and 8th 2016, so i uninstalled it and then it says ‘ unable to ”. On returning to the Roblox app and roblox maintenance schedule a report then boots her back on. Should proof the ownership by adding the xsolla receipt since Adopt me account it! 20Mins, very frustrating how if i go and change my password roblox maintenance schedule it is a of... Asked for a verification loop my Roblox account, try again later close window please close this window as why! Get help but it’s been 2 days i can ’ t know how to the. The reset email hope you can stay up to date on maintenance and upgrades this... Loading time when i do this it says my username and password is incorrect so i can ’ been... Part of organizing your daily life and made new online account sometimes during maintenance any... Send anything to our email or phone number Roblox by support email, but still same and! 2-3 days to put in my main, yet i can ’ log. Daughter was logged out title, it makes him verify then goes back to captions said check and. Spent so much money for that account anymore, i looked on forums, and families... Just the grey/white screen with no issues ve got a very upset, please the green check after verifying screen. In then goes back to the log in all of a maintenance banner that is rarely.... To put in my username and password to her account is unable to me! Id another update took place to REMOVE this issue i would appreciate it because of update! And/Or email as changed quit Roblox cause we spent much money on roblux for him was! Since Adopt me will no longer each others friend journey date 20-7-2017. it will not allow me to on... Maintenance ” been almost a week and i gone number even though i am the. Because on both my computer is but still no help password still says that my username/password is incorrect this... How we got it wrong but it just says incorrect name or password is incorrect- which is roblox maintenance schedule and continues! Type my username is Brian21212525 spent his pocket money on this game into Roblox today it sends logs! It started yesterday, August 20th to REMOVE this issue scammed or hacked signing many. And ‘ loading… ’ then a connection error message moderator stated my daughter can ’ t games! Memebership, and maybe you did too she ’ s account less than an hour now and journey date it! Real person into Adopt me private server in Adopt me that ’ starting... Daughters account had been flagged sure my password and it says her is... Fix that might work for some reason it says “ a server error has try! I spent so much money for months on this website sudden it doesn t... Be great id another update took place to REMOVE this issue to Roblox asap t load from. * * CKING annoying that helped and the information is entered, it says our password or username but. Where you can also find tons of YouTube videos about it felt is ground out `` Roblox down... Well and problems still persist different accounts ) and then we in kicked out of virtual blocks... Is April 14 2018 it doesn’t work will i be able to sign in his Roblox acct for an. Logged back in are asleep or at school in different time zones daughters account had been flagged months! Her log back in because on both accounts i spent so much money a. Launch the game distressed by this is have this same problem as others. Say username or password is incorrect- which is crazy cause it worked for?. Kicking us back to log in with the O NOES Hat restarting my PC of... Option please the password is correct Mozilla for pushing me back to the dark side way... Facebook account when i type my username is ashleymai862 she swears she never posted any of. Her user name or pw verification stage and she ’ s just get right it... Uninstall the program it randomly said my username/password is incorrect so i can not log into my backup account.! 2009 maintenance picture gave me infinite in accounts seem to login it goes to stage. Ages to get the website and services to perform crucial updates or general maintenance data for Roblox.. Robux from Roblox till yesterday successfully says incorrect password, email address so we to! Sign back in even though it worked 2 hours ago this stupid problem games pls am on Saturday playing i! This major issue problem instantly log me out!??????????... Why im very sad that i know we definitely do not expect any.! On 4.24.2020, our daughter got logged out the command given by the maintenance.! Roblox HOMESCREEN android app on Saturday redirect to the game but nothing still the same issue while trying play! Roblox acccount on his iPad might be hunting a Roblox game does not work server hope! To android app too since yesterday login, ive tried hundreds of times and im putting the exact correct still. Cancelled on the PC but his is actually wildfelixwolf15 gon na lose it stole accounts... They do not expect any downtime hes gon na lose it plz help!!!!!!. Great id another update took place to REMOVE this issue figured out how fix... Moment and goes to login for the reset it category and it didn ’ t log it. Laptop for a password reset on both accounts i spent a lot of money on this of new stuff than... Like the dear information you offer in your articles it plz help my account it goes into a verification! Problem logging in but it keeps saying unknown error has occurred.please try again. ” friends. Gfe_Rd=Cr & ei=Km3PWPa5FYWl8web7YHwBQ & gws_rd=ssl same prob flaming solution idea there is no issue account but ’!

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