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Empower Your Sports Club Management with Checklick!

Are you tired of the endless paperwork and manual processes that come with managing your sports club? Checklick is here to revolutionize the way you run your club.

Checklick is more than just a software platform – it’s your partner in success. Designed with sports clubs and instructors in mind, our intuitive system simplifies every aspect of club management, allowing you to focus on what you do best: nurturing talent and fostering growth.

One platform for managing the skill development


Create skills matrix for your programs to keep your participants, their parents and coaches engaged in every step of their skill development

Evaluations Marketplace

The only system to easily manage licensing of your programs to your training centers


Sell your courses, memberships, events and items with an easy page builder

Here’s How Checklick can Transform Your Sports Club Management

Ditch manual checklists. Checklick makes tracking athlete progress easy with a user-friendly interface.

 Keep everyone involved with customizable skills matrices. Track progress, set goals, and celebrate achievements.

Control program access and distribution effortlessly, ensuring compliance and consistency.

Sell courses, memberships, events, and merchandise with Checklick’s integrated page builder.

Use robust analytics to evaluate program effectiveness and optimize your club’s success.

Assess participants anytime, anywhere with our mobile-friendly platform.

Evaluate, Analyze your programs and Sell your clubs offerings

Use your phone or tablet to evaluate participants as they progress through your programs

Perfect for coaches, instructors and evaluators

Checklick is an all-in-one Athlete Development Tracking System (ADTS) and Sports Club Management System (SCMS). It simplifies athlete progress tracking, program evaluation, and club management, helping you save time and effort. With Checklick, you can keep participants, parents, and coaches engaged, manage program licensing, and sell courses and memberships seamlessly.

Checklick offers an intuitive interface for evaluating checklists and tracking skill development. You can create a skills matrix tailored to your programs, allowing you to monitor and assess athlete performance at every stage. The platform also enables on-the-go evaluations using your phone or tablet.

Yes, Checklick is designed to handle the complexities of managing multiple training centers. You can easily manage the licensing of your programs, ensuring consistent delivery and compliance across all locations. This feature helps you maintain high standards and streamline operations.

Checklick includes an integrated page builder that allows you to create custom pages for selling courses, memberships, events, and merchandise. This makes it easy to showcase your offerings and attract new members. The seamless sales process helps you grow your club's revenue and reach.

Checklick’s robust analytics tools provide valuable insights into your club’s performance. You can evaluate program effectiveness, track participant progress, and identify areas for improvement. These data-driven insights enable you to make informed decisions to optimize your club's success.

Absolutely! Checklick is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing you to evaluate participants and manage your club on the go. Whether you’re at the field, in the gym, or anywhere else, you can use your phone or tablet to access Checklick and stay connected to your club’s activities.