Your athlete development tracking system (ADTS™)

The simple way for your coaches to track participants’ development and improve their performance


Build Checklists, Evaluate People

Checklick Evaluations lets you build your own custom checklists, evaluate people using your mobile device, and send report cards home.

Build your own skill checklists

Organize your skills into levels and checklists. Make as many as you like, or license a checklist from someone else.

Check off skills using any device

Use your phone or tablet to open your checklist, and evaluate people as they demonstrate skills.

Send their progress home

Keep everyone engaged, even after they leave for the day. Checklick lets you email branded PDF checklists and achievement certificates.

Perfect for coaches, instructors and evaluators

Add a person (or a whole bunch of people)

Easily add a person to your people list, or upload an entire class in a few clicks. Checklick even checks for duplicate accounts.

Email and call from your device

Send emails to multiple people, or quickly phone a person – no copy and paste required.

Keep people organized with tags

Group people together by adding tags. Search for tags to quickly find your group later. Keep track of class names, membership numbers or any other information you need.

Collect custom information

Need to remember someone’s t-shirt size? How about special dietary restrictions? Checklick lets you add custom profile questions to your organization, so that each person who is added get’s asked the same questions.

Managed Services

Checklick’s Managed Services plans give you all of the features of our Evaluations plans, plus extra services and support for large organizations. Use Checklick as your ADTS (Athlete Development Tracking System). Manage large numbers of evaluators and athletes, gather insights on their progress, and continually improve your development programs.

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Checklist Licencing

Let member organizations or franchisees use your checklists. Once licensed, you’ll see everything the licensed organization sees, including names, details and evaluations.

Live Dashboards

See exactly where your sport is heading with Checklick’s live dashboards. We can even build custom dashboards that answer the questions that are most important to your sport.

Sample of Custom Branded Credential PDFs

Custom Branding and Graphic Design

Larger organizations get complementary design services (to help you brand your checklists and certificates).

Dedicated Account Manager

Larger organizations get a dedicated account manager. Help is always just a phone call or email away.

Checklick is trusted by organizations around the world.

We’re growing every day!





Sell your courses and memberships online.

Checklick Storefront lets you sell anything online, like courses, events, memberships and products.

Simple Setup

Just add courses, memberships, events and products to your storefront, and you’ll have a site like this in minutes.

Simple Fee

We charge 4.9% of each customer’s purchase amount. Refunds are free. No other fees. No commitments.

Fully Supported

Speak to a real person anytime you need help. We’ll even walk you through the setup process.

Features and Benefits

Setup Options

  • Sell courses, memberships, event tickets and merchandise
  • Set inventory limits
  • Include waiver forms
  • Set up questions to ask your customers specific to courses, membership or items (i.e, “Do you want lunch?”)
  • Set up opt-in discounts and automatic discounts (like “early bird” and “bring your own lunch”)
  • Set up taxes, and make specific products tax-free
  • Brand your storefront page with your organization name, contact details, logo and banner image
  • Preview your storefront at any time

Checkout Process

  • Branded PDF receipts are automatically emailed to every customer
  • Customers can make a single purchase for multiple people
  • Customers can purchase multiple products for the same person
  • A preview of the customer’s order total updates automatically
  • Works great on any screen size, including computers, tablets and mobile phones

Order Management Features

  • Search for orders by customer email, name or product
  • Refund or remove individual purchases
  • Download copies of customer’s receipts as PDFs
  • Download a spreadsheet of all purchase records
  • View and download detailed bank transfer reports

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Prices and Benefits

Our Evaluations and Managed Services pricing plans are based on how many evaluators will be using your checklists.

Checklick Storefront is an optional add-on, which can be used by itself, or alongside our paid plans. Storefront fees are a flat percentage of each payment processed by Checklick.

Have questions about our paid plans? Check out our frequently asked pricing questions for details.

30-Day Trial

$000no credit card required

  • Try Checklick free for 30 days
  • Unlimited Checklists
  • Unlimited People
  • Unlimited Evaluations
  • Branded Achievement Certificates
  • Phone and Group Email Quick-links
  • Email Support


$1500/ evaluator / month

  • Best for Small Organizations
  • Unlimited Checklists
  • Unlimited People
  • Unlimited Evaluations
  • Branded Achievement Certificates
  • Phone and Group Email Quick-links
  • Email Support

Managed Services

$12000/ evaluator / year

  • Best for Large Organizations
  • Unlimited Checklists
  • Unlimited People
  • Unlimited Evaluations
  • Branded Achievement Certificates
  • Phone and Group Email Quick-links
  • Email Support

Special Benefits of the Managed Services Plan

Our Athlete Development Tracking System plans are perfect for larger organizations that need to deploy checklists to large numbers of evaluators. Special benefits include:

  • A dedicated Implementation Specialist who will be working with for the duration of this agreement with regular goal setting to attain your goals
  • Custom branding of your program materials
  • Custom login portal for your users branded to your organization
  • Consulting Services (Creating a financial model, setting up your checklists and Checklick account to maximize data extraction and return on investment)
  • Weekday phone support for 1 appointed Checklick administrator
  • 7 day a week email support
  • Two (2) hour Checklick training webinars for up to 100 webinar participants

Optional: Hands-Off Setup

Short on time? Send us your existing PDF registration form, or a list of products and prices, and we’ll set up and launch your storefront for you!

The cost for this optional setup service is $360.


The Checklick Team

Checklick is a skill development platform, owned and operated by Checklick Inc. in Toronto, Canada.

Since 2013, we’ve been helping organizations build checklists, evaluate people, and manage registrations and payments.

Dominik Jablecki of Checklick

Dominik Jablecki


Dominik is active in sports and most recently in his professional career, he managed a sailing school where the first iteration of Checklick was created. He along with Greg, designed Checklick to help address the day to day challenges of a training facility running a nationally accredited sailing program.